The Project.

Now, getting to the important stuff. I started this blog for a reason, a solid purpose. Not because I’m a nutrition/food/working out junkie, because most of us are. I could sing my story but it’s nothing you’ve never heard before. Instead, I’m hoping it’ll help me find the true colors I used to bleed, create the person I’m meant to be, and maybe even change my life (I have high hopes, don’t hate).

My life story’s pretty basic: I grew up in the ‘burbs of Seattle (it’s more gorgeous than what’ll ever come up via Google images, trust me) (scenic pictures upon request) with a supportive and forever-loving family. One would think being stuck in the same two-story, 1800sq.-ft-yet-oddly-charming-and-classy house and two-acre, wannabe-farm yard complete with the cliche two huge veggie gardens and chickens/dogs/cats/fish/bunnies would make someone go batshit crazy after 17 years. Bored, at the least. And that’s where I prove you right. After a little shy of two decades living every experience to be had here, I’m ready to grow up, say my goodbyes, move out and welcome the big, bad world with open arms. That is, after all, what you’re expectedly supposed to do after you graduate high school, right? And being the baby of the fam, watching my brother and then sister (now 27 and 24 years old, off living the dream[s]) pack up and move away to the university life was quite possibly the most jealousy I’ve ever held towards a person/situation. Why not stuff me in your suitcase? Well, I’m still here. In a small town where everyone wears plaid and drinks cheap beer and parties every weekend just because they don’t have anything better to do. It’s funny, you either drive a ol’ lifted pickup truck with mud fresh on the tires to “fit in” or a classy little Beemer to make the point that even though you’re native by blood, you’ve above the small town cliches. I drive neither. I already know I’m cool.

I’ll be starting up community college to get my general studies under my belt this fall, and since I’ve already aced the drinking/partying/having a good time courses, it looks a bright future from here. On a more serious note, I will be letting my curiosity run free and taking classes in journalism, business, fashion, nutrition, Hollywood media, film production, and psychology. Gotta love diversity, eh? I figure why not spice it up and learn what I was born to do before university classes are a million dolla more, which leads me to –> I’m also planning on transferring to Washington State University or an out-of-state Cali school like USC or Stanford after this next year or two, so yeah, BIG dreams. I have a lot of ambition and even more fight, so watch for my name in Cosmopolitan/Vogue/on the back of the next DVD you rent. I wanna win this game they call life, and I’m starting simple. With this blog.

I’ve stuck my foot in the blogging world before and kinda played around with different fashion, multi-topic’ed works but I found that they could never hold my attention for too long. That, or I couldn’t quite keep up with them with my schedule. Whatever. Here’s to a fresh start, and a new chapter in my story. A new beginning. A clean slate, a blank canvas, and endless possibilities.

I may be the author here but you guys are all behind the success. Thanks for stopping by, and I wanna hear anything and everything you have to say. If any questions come to mind, don’t be shy: you can reach me at

Sit back and enjoy the show.


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