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I drink coffee for every meal, crave adrenaline like it’s crack, sing Jack Johnson offkey and have more sass/spunk/spice than what’s probably healthy. The world is my playground, c'est le bon. Life is now, meet it. I am Court, hear me roar.

It’s like an overdue library book you’ve lost under your bed.

There’s old Glamour issues, there’re boyshorts five years too old and two sizes too small, there’s a few scattered cheerios from godknowswhat drunken night from months earlier in which you were snacking on before a 4am bedtime. There’s a shoebox of embarrassing notes from back in … Continue reading

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Making my grand entrance, minus one gold-rimmed Mercedes and one Hollywood reputation

I’m gonna start this blog off how any respectable blog should be: “Let’s get this party started.” I got lots of style, check my gold diamond rings, I can go for miles if you know what I mean. *cue cheesy old … Continue reading

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