About the Girl.

                                                                I once Blonde Lovin'asked a homeless man if he’d rather me give him money or buy him a beer. I know this world’s a shady place, and that’s why I’m here to shine my light in the dark. The world calls me Court but I usually respond to just about anything along the lines of princess, blondie, “girrrlllll”, etc. I take my stairs two atta time, and I drive and live recklessly, I find it more fun that way. I laugh too much, drive too fast, play too hard, and live too carefree. Don’t mess with me until I’ve had my fairshare of morning coffee (I wish I was being sarcastic), I’m undeniably an addict but I’m sure Starbucks isn’t complaining when they show up on my debit receipts 781x every month. I wear my eyeliner thick, eat cereal like it’s crack, and sing loud and offkey only when the windows are done and I think no one’s listening. I’m addicted to laughter, it’s pretty simple. If you can make me laugh, hold a conversation of politics over a cuppa joe with me, or if your name’s Steve Carell, you’re probably holding the keys to winning my heart.

I really enjoy life. It revolves around sunshine, God, green tea, mascara, Guess? darkwash skinnies, uptown strolls, Johnny Depp and Wentworth Miller fantasizing, hearing familiar songs on the radio, barefoot swinging, the ocean, spontaneity, artist cafes, happiness at all costs, Target shopping sprees, daydreaming under the clouds, sleeping under the stars, roadtrips, wearing bandannas around my head and pretending I’m cool, powernaps, Big Brother, oversized sunglasses, OJ mimosas, velvet zipups, Craigslist shopping, dairy queen blizzard runs, throwing pennies in water fountains, art&galleries, travelling, MAC, chai black tea, good mood endorphins, chocolate chip pancakes, making smoothies, Office<3 marathons, loud bass, lazy days of eating and blogging, virgin mai thais, college football games, thrifting adventures, psychology, PB&J, coloring books, getting lost in unfamiliar places, jacuzziin’, allnighters, voluminous hair, yoga pants, subtle humor, summer nights, vintage shopping, Jesus, basking in the sunshine, listening to rain hitting the window, raildroad tracks, adrenaline rushes, shooting stars, farmers’ markets, <u>grocery shopping</u>, optimistic people, fluffy green grass, rolling down hills, organic, sunny crisp autumn mornings, lazy river rafting, carelessness., integrity, golden retrievers, Full House and Fresh Prince reruns, empty city streets, camping, eskimo kisses, frankie b., blue skies and marshmallow clouds, experimental cooking, creative first dates, sunrise and the beginning of a new day, pretending I know how to use chopsticks, any-hour-in-the-day coffee runs, compromises, meeting new people, simplicity, making daisy necklaces, and wearing ripped jeans when they’re outta style.

*takes breath* In other news…

I’m eighteen which is practically 19, which is almost 21. To break it down, I’m practically legal, right? RIGHT. Livin busy and on the edge is the only thing I’m familiar with, I push life to the limit, cross the line that I don’t believe should be there in the first place, try to fit 70 hours into a 24hr day, and have a good time doing it. I’m OCD with about 50% of anything and everything in my life, and annoyingly spontaneous about the other half. Call me weird, I already know/love it. I’m a firm believer in having fun at all costs and speaking fluent sarcasm, even though it gets me in trouble 99% of the time. Pain meds/sleep deprivation/caffeine overdose will be responsible for my death one day, my mom’s even convinced with as much coffee I drink, I’ll hardly make it to 30 at the rate I’m going.
I’m convinced honesty gets us wherever we are meant to be in life. The city is my wonderland, take me there. I’m scared of growing up. I learn something new about myself every day, I love it. I wish life had background music, a soundtrack to our lives. Look around and appreciate what you’ve got, don’t take your life for granted. I plan to change the world, and travel it. I’ve always wanted freckles, and I wish I was a ballerina. I strive to find meaning and value in the everyday, and I’m one to never stop being passionately curious and open-minded about the world I live in. I’m not living for anything besides God.


I’m Courtney and I can’t wait to get this show started. Ready or not, here I come.

“life is meant to be lived, not gotten through”


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