Making my grand entrance, minus one gold-rimmed Mercedes and one Hollywood reputation

I’m gonna start this blog off how any respectable blog should be:

“Let’s get this party started.”

I got lots of style, check my gold diamond rings, I can go for miles if you know what I mean. *cue cheesy old school mix that’snotcurrentlyinmycarCDplayer*

Gotta keep it classy, right? And that brings us to my next subject: welcome to my show blog, now take a seat and watch me pretend I know what I’m doing. Feel free to step in and speak your piece when the entertainment gets raw (apparently self-proclaimed doesn’t mean much in the comedy world) (stop laughing), and just roll with it when things get rough around here. I not only hope for and expect, but want, to blog about everything’s that’ll be going on in my life for the next few months/years – every little thing – the good, the bad, the stressed, the emotional, the giddy, the hopeless, the wild and the crazy, the happy and the bliss, the rough and the rocky. And that’s why I’m here, to document my life from a 17” screen perched comfortably in my lap 80% 35% of every day so the rest of the world can see it, judge it, and soon enough, maybe even fall in love with it just as much as I am.

Let’s start simple, shall we? I’m Courtney. I drink coffee like it’s crack, I have A RIDICULOUS 18-years-and-going-strong schoolgirl crush on Johnny Depp* (whom I’m convinced I will sweep off his feet one day) (and I’m already in the early stages of planning the wedding so don’t hate). Also, Wentworth Miller/James Franco/, all equally, if you’re single/available/interested, please don’t be shy. And Jason Mraz? Don’t think you being gay has ever stopped me before. I don’t settle much but this is one of those one-time offers, you know? Take it up and be pleasantly surprised.

*If your name’s Johnny and you fit the “I-fake-accents-in-over-half-the-films-I-do-just-because-Hollywood-pays-me-so-much,-and-frisky-20-something-girls-all-across-America-just-eat-it-up” drop dead sexy profile, we’re probably soul mates. Call me.

[Editor’s note: this does not apply to the wannabes, only respond if you’re the real deal, please.]

You can take the liberty of researching me in my half-finished pre-autobiography and everything else I have to talk about in the above links, but for now, I kinda really just wanna play it off normal and like I’m an old regular here to post an everyday post on my daily eats and musings.

Here we go. As just starting to take pictures of my meals, don’t expect anything too impressive. Translation: if the photo quality sucks, don’t hate. You’ve all been here I’m sure, and a training lesson wouldn’t hurt anyone, hinthint. Also, don’t hate if you don’t like what I’m eating, not all of us can be Top Chef potential, you know? We all had to start somewhere. And it’s usually not the top.

Here we go, round two.

Started my day out on the right note, simple yet fabulous. Good morning, green monster, mmmm you lookin’ so good in color these days, and I say that with little to no sarcasm because you are delicious, and hands down one of the best breakfasts in my book. 

Unphotographed snack of small bowl of cherries. Carrots and newly-purchased hummus. The works.

Next on the honey-to-do list of eats was dun dun dunna dun, *drumroll please*, a fresh and new creation I whipped up. I present to you homecooked mac’n’cheese and fresh string green beans. Okay, now I’m drooling.

Holy yum.

In the middle of a 83 degree summer afternoon? Yeah, that’s what I thought, apparently the weather ain’t got nothin’ on me. I’m even tempted to request a replay for dindin, but leftovers in the fridge? Nowhere to be found. But instead of playing the puppydog eyes and pouting like I’m so good at…

Guess what time it is? Ding ding ding. Dinner shall be documented a little later on, but I figured hell, why not throw together a first post for the blogging world to chew on and hopefully get some feedback before my next move, or meal?

Once again, my name’s Courtney and I’ll be your host from this day forward.



About The Viva la Vida Project

I drink coffee for every meal, crave adrenaline like it’s crack, sing Jack Johnson offkey and have more sass/spunk/spice than what’s probably healthy. The world is my playground, c'est le bon. Life is now, meet it. I am Court, hear me roar.
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One Response to Making my grand entrance, minus one gold-rimmed Mercedes and one Hollywood reputation

  1. lisaou11 says:

    your blog is so complete and done for your first post! I’m impressed! oh, and following along as well!

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